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This Is What You Need To Know About The New South Dakota Laws That Went Into Effect In July

Historic South Dakota town tucked in a lush valley

In July 2020, a number of new state laws came into effect in South Dakota.

Here’s what you’ll want to take note of:

HB 1005

This bill prohibits healthcare providers from prescribing controlled drugs or substances through the use of telehealth.

HB 1063

This bill prevents businesses from selling tobacco products to individuals younger than 21 years old. Businesses are also not allowed to place tobacco vending machines in areas where people younger than 21 years old can access them. Additionally, the bill states that people younger than 21 years of age may not consume tobacco products.

HB 1069

This bill allows certain veterans to attend post-secondary education for undergraduate degrees without paying tuition for up to four years.

HB 1074

Health care facilities must now offer patients being treated for rape or sexual assault the option to report the incident to law enforcement. The kit must now be preserved for at least seven years from the date of the individual’s examination or treatment or until the victim’s 25th birthday, whichever is later. Under the new bill, each kit will now have a code number assigned to it.

HB 1077

It is now illegal to drive through a funeral procession and you may not join the procession to gain the right of way. If you violate the bill, it is a Class 2 misdemeanor.

HB 1095

This bill allows for a hunter mentoring program permitting children under 16 to hunt without a license, under certain conditions. The program allows for no more than six people in the party of the child mentee, and only one child may be mentored at a time.

HB 1097

Your marriage must be solemnized within 90 days or your license will be voided.

HB 1103

This bill allows 16-year-olds to consent to medical examinations without their parent or guardian present, although the health official needs to make an effort to tell the parent or guardian about the examination.

HB 1169

Using a mobile device while driving is now a Class 2 misdemeanor, except when contacting emergency services. You’re allowed to use the GPS feature, but you may not enter your destination while driving.

HB 1175

Dyslexia is defined in this new bill.

SB 54

Cities and counties may not place restrictions on to-go food packaging materials. Only the state has the power to create a law with respect to these items.

SB 150

Nonresidents face a Class 2 misdemeanor for hunting, taking, or killing migratory waterfowl without a license, permit, or bird stamp.

SB 164

When approaching a stopped emergency vehicle with emergency lights turned on, all vehicles must stop before reaching the emergency vehicle. Drivers may, unless otherwise instructed, proceed with caution after deciding it is safe to do so.

SB 176

If a property is seized, an innocent property owner may apply for the property to be returned 30 days after its seizure. The property may be released to the owner if the prosecutor can’t show that holding it is vital to the case.

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