• $3,200,000
    Denied Severance
    Workers were denied a promised severance after a manufacturing plant was sold.
  • $2,800,000
    Car Accident
    Clients, a husband and wife, were rear-ended and suffered serious injuries.
  • $800,000
    Burn Injury
    Client suffered a serious burn injury from an electric shock.
  • $675,000
    Car Accident
    Client was injured on her way to work in motor vehicle collision that resulted in multiple fractures and lost wages.
  • $475,000
    Electrocution/Burn Injury
    Client was burned by an unsafe electrical station.
  • $450,000
    Negligent Hunting Accident
    Client suffered the loss of his eye in a hunting accident where a person in the hunting group negligently shot at a pheasant flying in the direction of the client.