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3 Winter Driving Dangers and How To Bypass Them

Man in a red coat and black and white striped beanie uses a brush to clear the snow off his car's hood and windshield

As a South Dakotan, you are likely no stranger to frigid temperatures and unrelenting snowstorms. However, getting behind the wheel during winter can be challenging for even the most seasoned drivers.

Below, we’ve put together a list of three driving dangers and how you can effectively avoid them.

#1 - Icy roads.

Driving on icy roads is perhaps one of the most dangerous driving conditions most people face. Not only can it be very difficult to identify, when you drive over it, it can also easily cause a complete loss of control of your vehicle.

Black ice is particularly dangerous because it makes the road look wet rather than icy. When temperatures are near freezing, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for both glossy and matte patches of road. Glossy patches of the asphalt often indicate surface ice (easier to identify) while matte patches can indicate the presence of black ice (more difficult to identify).

Ultimately, if it is possible that road ice is present, drive with extreme caution.

#2 - Unclear visibility.

Driving during a snowstorm can make it very difficult to see through your windshield. In addition, the buildup of ice or snow on your windshield and outside mirrors can reduce your visibility even further.

Similarly, it’s critical that your vehicle’s defroster works well so that it can clear away the condensation on the inside of your windows. If your vehicle’s heater doesn’t function properly, be sure to have it fixed right away so you are prepared for the winter weather.

#3 - Cold weather impacts tire pressure.

Cooler weather can decrease the air pressure inside of your tires, which means if your wheels are properly inflated during the summer, you may need to add more air when the temperatures begin to drop. Because of this, it’s a good idea to check your tire pressure more often during the winter.

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