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3 Of The Most Dangerous Roads in South Dakota

South Dakota road with Mount Rushmore in the background

South Dakota is an incredible place with sweeping natural views and is home to one of the nation’s oldest national parks. However, in order to access some of the most scenic views in the country, you may need to travel on some treacherous roads.

Timid drivers may have a particularly difficult time traveling on perilous roads, which means it may be better to let someone else drive if you don’t feel confident in your driving abilities.

Here are three of the most dangerous roads in South Dakota that you may want to avoid when possible:

#1 - Iron Mountain Road

This uniquely planned road features expansive views of the Black Hills and Mt. Rushmore, and has been called “a true white-knuckle drive.” This road is situated alongside the rugged edges of Custer State Park, which helps to create the hairpin turns and winding nature through natural rock tunnels and pigtail bridges.

Dangers to Watch For:

  • 314 sharp turns
  • Rapid-climbing areas of the road
  • Limited access during the winter
  • Marginal shoulders for parking and scenic views
  • Speeding drivers attempting to pass

#2 - Needles Highway

Needles Highway (Highway 87) is a 37-mile drive through the southwestern region of South Dakota that makes its way through the Black Hills. In the early 20th century, this road was considered impossible to build, but it materialized in 1922 once laborers blasted through many solid granite “needles” in the way.

Dangers to Watch For:

  • Extremely sharp turns
  • Narrow tunnels through rock formations
  • Perilous during the winter
  • Use serious caution if the road is wet

#3 - Catron Boulevard to Highway 16 Intersection

Situated near Black Elk Peak, Rapid City attracts visitors for vacations and summer traveling. Since there are so many national parks nearby, it’s a good idea to take note of which routes are the most hazardous to drivers.

Highway 16 is often used to reach Black Hills National Forest from Rapid City. The intersection where Catrol Boulevard joins with the freeway is the most dangerous in all of South Dakota. Be extremely cautious when driving through this intersection.

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