Man in khaki pants and a grey button down long-sleeved shirt bends down to check the air pressure in his car's tires

How to Prepare Your Car for the Summer

You know that you need to take measures to prepare your car for winter, but do you know that you also need to take measures to get your car ready for summer?

Read on to learn how to prepare your car for the summer months.

Steps to Take

  1. Test your air conditioner. It’s no fun to be caught without a proper cooling system when you need it the most. Be sure to check your air conditioning before heading out on any long road trips. If the air coming out of the vents isn’t cold enough, you may need more refrigerant, or it could be something more serious. Replace your air filters regularly to prevent your vehicle from working harder than it needs to.

  2. Take a peek under the hood. Be sure to do this when your vehicle is cool, so you may need to wait a few hours after driving to do this. Check for loose or cracked hoses. Make sure none of the rubber components, such as hoses and belts, aren’t warped or frayed. Make sure none of the caps are broken and are fitted tightly. There shouldn’t be debris blocking anything, but particularly around the radiator and air filter. Check for leaks under the hood as well as on the ground.

  3. Check the battery. Have someone at your local auto shop test your battery to see how much life it has left.

  4. Check the tires. Your vehicle is less fuel-efficient when your tires aren’t at the recommended weight. Additionally, your tires will wear unevenly if they’re not at the proper measurement. For the best experience, it’s a good idea to rotate and balance your tires regularly.

  5. Check the radiator temperature. Your radiator needs plenty of coolant to function properly. Take a look at your temperature gauge while you’re driving so you know if your vehicle starts running too hot.

  6. Change the oil regularly. When you engage in strenuous driving elements, you need to change the oil more often.

  7. Replace the windshield wipers. The winter months can be very damaging to your windshield wipers. Replace them before the weather gets wet to avoid getting caught in the rain without the proper gear.

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