Pedestrian/Bicycle Accidents

Pedestrians, runners and bicyclists who share the road with cars and other motor vehicles are often at risk because of careless and negligent motorists. Due to the lack of protection, bicycle and pedestrian accidents can often result in severe and fatal injuries for victims. Even when injuries are not life-threatening or do not result in permanent disabilities, victims have a right to compensation for medical bills, lost wages and other related expenses.

At Whiting Hagg Hagg Dorsey & Hagg, LLP, we provide over 150 years of experienced representation to individuals who have suffered injuries as the result of an accident in South Dakota. We understand how driver negligence is often the sole cause of pedestrian and bicycle accidents and how to obtain compensation so that clients can start the recovery process.

Pedestrians and cyclists have the same rights as motor vehicle drivers and should not be put at a disadvantage in accidents that threaten their well-being.

The vehicle injury attorneys at Whiting Hagg Hagg Dorsey & Hagg, LLP, in Rapid City, SD are experienced pedestrian/bicycle accident attorneys and have represented several clients in Rapid City, SD and throughout the Black Hills.

These accidents can happen when drivers are not careful in a variety of situations, such as:

  • Failing to yield for pedestrians/cyclists in crosswalks
  • Backing out of parking spaces in parking lots
  • Speeding in residential areas where there are children playing
  • Turning right on a red light, and not looking for pedestrians/cyclists in the crosswalk
While Rapid City and the Black Hills are a great destination for travelers to visit from all over the world, our popularity also means an increase in motor traffic.  With the increase in traffic, the chances of a pedestrian/bicycle accident also increases.  Pedestrian/bicycle accidents are very serious and can result in injuries such as fractures (broken bones) involving surgical repair, head injuries, various back & neck injuries, and even death in some cases. We will work to help you receive a monetary recovery for your pain and suffering, medical expenses, loss of income, disfigurement, loss of enjoyment of life, and any other losses sustained in the accident.

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