Business Law

In today’s connected society, the business world continues to expand at an amazing pace.  Managing all the tasks including future planning, while meeting the legal requirements to run any business and complying with all the legal regulations can be difficult, to say the least.

The business attorneys at Whiting Hagg Hagg Dorsey & Hagg, LLP, have substantial insight into banking law, experience in business financing, and understanding of other business transactions. Our firm provides business clients guidance in determining whether to operate as a closely held business, limited liability company, partnership, or corporation.

At Whiting Hagg Hagg Dorsey & Hagg, LLP, we have the experience in business law to help you protect yourself and your company.  Regardless of the size and type of business you have, whether a start-up firm, an established firm, a small business, or a large corporation, our professional business attorneys have the experience in business law that is crucial to your success.

Videos Business Law

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Our attorneys:

  • Negotiate sales and purchases of businesses of all types and sizes
  • Draft contracts including leases, covenants, apartments, rental agreements, water wells, and easements
  • Buy or sell homes
  • Structure loans and handle complex business transactions
  • Aid clients in formulating business plans
  • Help dissolve companies
  • Resolve outstanding contract disputes
  • Create business entities: LLC, LLP, Partnerships, Corporations

When business disputes arise over contracts, financing, and improper business conduct, our attorneys have the extensive litigation experience to get issues resolved in favor of our clients. Our experience and professionalism in business law is your advantage.

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